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Warranty Claims

Should a Trans/Air product fail due to defective material or workmanship, the required procedures must be followed:

Owner / End User

Verify that your climate control system is within the warranty period by checking "Date of Delivery" as contained in Section 4 of your Warranty Registration Form (located in your Trans/Air General Owner's Manual) or check your warranty status online.

Contact the nearest Authorized Trans/Air Service Center and schedule a repair appointment. If you cannot locate an Authorized Trans/Air Service Center, contact the Trans/Air Warranty Department.

Present a copy of your Warranty Registration to the Authorized Trans/Air Service Center representative.

Authorized Trans/Air Service Center

Verifies warranty registration.

Evaluates the climate control system to determine if failure is warrantable or non-warrantable.

Warrantable failure

Authorized Service Center contacts Trans/Air Warranty Department for Authorization Code for repairs exceeding $500 prior to repair.

Service Center repairs system under warranty.


Non-warrantable failure

Service Center will inform owner/end user for repair authorization.

Fleet Owners/Operators can be authorized to perform air conditioning repairs on their own vehicles following guidelines from Trans/Air's standard Service/Warranty Manual. Questions concerning fleet maintenance and/or procedures should be directed to the Trans/Air Warranty Department.

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